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Ruling on Building an Orphanage from Zakat Funds

What is the ruling of Sharia on building an orphanage from the Zakat funds collected by a certain charitable organization, knowing that all the beneficiaries are poor orphans who live there for a certain time, then leave giving a chance for other orphans to dwell there. In fact, the orphanage is owned by this organization although it hasn`t covered the cost of its construction. In case it was decided that the orphanage should be sold or demolished, its value is Zakatmoney, which goes to the eligible recipients of Zakat or the poor orphans?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Money Due to Subscribers of Takaful Funds is a Gift and doesn`t Undergo the Rulings of Inheritance

Is the money paid by the Takaful Funds of the syndicates in case of a subscriber`s death considered from his estate where it can be divided amongst his heirs? Or can it be placed in the possession of certain heirs after his death, and isn`t considered a part of his wealth? Is it permissible for the syndicate to pay that money to a particular heir upon the request of the deceased?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Water Theft is Forbidden

What is the ruling on benefiting from water in an unjust manner that violates the conditions agreed upon with the water-company, either by deactivating the water meter, or pumping water directly from the company`s water pipes.

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