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Can madrasa fund be invested?

Is a father’s Zakat considered valid if he gives it to the Zakat and Sadaqa fund of a Madrasa where his Baligh son eats for free?

Is it permissible for Zakat money to be saved in an Islamic bank, where it will then be invested with the risk of both profit and loss?

Is it permissible for a madrasa principal to give Zakat money to another madrasa as a debt?

Is taking fees for a school established in a madrasa permissible?

Can women be taught by men and attend school for extra education according to Shari’ah?

Can you provide information on Moulana Thariq Jameel Sahib, including his contact details and residence, and his relationship with Ulem a Deoband?

What arrangements can be made for Asathiza in Madrasa’s Mess using Zakat funds?

Is it considered falsehood to exaggerate the number of students and expenses while collecting funds for Madrasa with the purpose of getting more funds?

Can the Skin of the slaughtered animal be sold?

Can Zakat donations be used to pay employees’ salaries in Deeni madaris according to Qur’an and Hadith?

Can we jeans and shirt as a present to muslims?

I Live in Wooddale, which is a suburb close (5 mins) to Bensenville. I try to attend regularly for prayers. All 5 salats are held there at set timings including Jummah. They also have a paish Imam, I think he also a Mufti, and full time afternoon Madrasa. 1) Is Bensenville Masjid a Masjid or Musallah?

Is it permissible to use Sadqah money to build rooms in Madrasah ?

Is it necessary for a Son to obey his parents in each and every situation?