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Selling Bathing Costumes, etc

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Q: I would just like to ask a question regarding Muslims selling merchandise that is not permitted to be used by themselves. The specific item I am referring to is a urinal; bearing in mind that these may come at customer’s request. Furthermore I would like more insight as to whether it is okay if it is  a commodity for use as aforementioned opposed to consumption? eg.mini skirts, bathing costumes etc opposed to beer or pork.

A:An item that is within itself not haraam and may be used in a lawful way by Muslims, will be permissible to sell. For example, a urinal itself is not haraam since it is made up of material that is clean and pure, and people who suffer with back ailments, for example, may use a urinal. Likewise, bathing costumes, bikinis, etc. are not haraam per se because they are made from halaal fabric and wives may wear this for their husbands.

However, since the people who purchase these items will invariably use them for a haraam purpose, it will be makrooh to sell them. Makrooh in this context means that it is better to abstain from such sales. But the income derived will be halaal.

And Allah knows best

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