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Sajda Sahw and Breaking Wudhu

Q: What should a person do if sajdah sahw is required from him, but he broke his wudhu in the final sitting after reading the tahiyyaat? Does he need to do sajdah sahw without wudhu? Or should he take wudhu come back and make sajdah sahw?
A: If Sajdah Sahw had become Waajib then until the Musalli does not do the Sajdah with Wudhu the Salaah will not be complete, hence the Mussali wil have to make a fresh Wudhu and complete the Salaah without engaging in any extra actions. This is termed as ‘Binaa’. Because the conditions of Binaa are very stringent, Ulama advise that it is better to abandon that Salaah and redo the complete Salaah.
And Allah knows best
Mufti Aadil Moosagie
Checked and approved by: Mufti Siraj Desai

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