Cervical Neck Problem and Medical Aid

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Q: I have a severe Cervical neck problem with a lot of pain. I am only 40 years of age and am on pain killers prescribed by the Docter. I have tried the tablets for 9 months as prescribed by the Doctor, and now the Doctor has given me the option for an operation and I got an option of carrying on with my life taking tablets and living with the pain and later on have to go for an operation. The problem is the operation costs R100 000.00. It’s unaffordable and the choice is Medical Aid. Is Medical Aid permissible? The prices are exorbetent. If I cannot afford it I have to carry on with pain killers, so I am not sure, some Ulema say that Medical Aid is not permissible. Am I allowed to take out Medical Aid?

In your situation it will be permissible to take out a medical aid and/or hospital plan, since the future benefits are certain and defined. This is totally permissible. May Allah Ta’ala grant you shifaa (cure).
Mufti Siraj Desai

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