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Is there anything in the Quran which says people of the book are not allowed to enter Jannah?

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I am aware that ultimately it is Allah’s decision, but I was wondering if the Quraan provided a straightforward answer to this issue. Reading the Quran, I have only found evidence that Christians and Jews of today would also be allowed to enter heaven, not only those before the advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). For example in 2:62 and 3:110-115. However in all the commentaries I’ve read, and all the Imaams I’ve heard, have pointed toward them not being able to enter Jannah. “They will only recieve their reward on earth.” One source of mine, referred me to Surah 98 for the answer.After reading it, I still found zero evidence to make me believe that Jews and Christians of today are barred from heaven, as I believe that “the truth” and “clear signs” have not come to many of them. They believe what their circumstances (upbringing, friends, media, etc.) would have them believe, as many of our muslim brothers and sisters do as well. So, what makes the Muslim more able to enter heaven than a non-muslim? Did Allah favour the one above the other?


After having read the Aayat mentioned to substantiate your claim, we find
‘zero’ evidence to make the statement, ‘Jews of today will also enter
Jannah.’ Hence, it will be interesting to know the basis and authenticity of
your view.

Actually, everything needs to be understood in its proper perspective and
context to gain the correct picture. Otherwise, the incorrect picture will
be perceived by people misunderstanding Imaan to be only monotheism. This
Aayat and the likes thereof need to be understood in conjunction with those
Aayaats that deal with the acceptance of prophethood also as a fundamental
requisite for correct Imaan which is desired by Allah and which will
validate the passport to eternal bliss. Allah Ta’ala says in the noble Qur’
aan, ‘Those who make Kufr with Allah and His messengers seek to
differentiate between Allah and His messengers and say, ‘We believe in a few
and reject a few’. They are the real disbelievers and we have prepared for
the disbelievers a torment and punishment.’

In other words, correct Imaan in the terminology of the Qur’aan is made of
two aspects, monotheism and prophethood. Neglecting either one is Kufr.
Disbelieving in any messenger is Kufr.

The same will apply to those Jews and Christians who do not fulfil this
portion of their faith as desired by Allah Ta’ala, negating the prophethood
of the final messenger of Allah, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam).

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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