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Truth Behind The Trinity

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It was an intentional act of theirs to attribute divinity to Isa (A.S). They knew very well that Isa (A.S) was a prophet who lived amongst the people as a human being. The disciples ate with him, drank with him and walked along with him. Therefore, there was absolutely no doubt in the minds of… read more »

Selling a Masjid to Christians.

Answered by DarulUloomTT.net

Q. There is a nearby community (adminstration of the masjid) who has or is going to sell the current masjid to the Christians for the purpose of building a new masjid in an area where the people on the adminstration committee can conveniently attend the masjid. What is the ruling in the light of the… read more »

Nowaday practices in a Muslim marriage.

Answered by DarulUloomTT.net

Q. Nowadays Muslim marriage ceremonies include many practices that are common among non-Muslims (such as exchanging of rings which you discussed on the website). Can you give a break down of the things which are and are not permissible in a Muslim marriage ceremony, such as regards having a cake (and cutting it as a… read more »

Married to someone who leaves Islam.

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Q. Can one follow another person in Salaah, who is married to a Christian woman who was previously Muslim and changed her faith to Christianity? A. A Muslim (male or female) who changes his/her religion from Islam to Christianity is an apostate (Murtad) in Islam, and marriage with such a person is totally haram (unlawful)… read more »

Eating meat from Jews and Christians.

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Q. Is eating meat from the people of the book permitted? Are there Christian rules and regulations in slaughtering animals? Can I eat meat that is certified Kosher? A. As mentioned in the Holy Quran, the slaughtered animals and birds of the people of the Book is permissible for Muslims to eat. However, this allowance… read more »