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The Prophets Sunnat of not shaking hands with women

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askimam.org

Salaam Sheikh, I practice the sunnah of not shaking hands with women, but in this day & age it seems to cause more trouble than benefit. I have lost many a job in interviews when I refuse to shake hands with women. I am now stuck in a job which has little or no prospects & i work 12hr shifts. I lost a previous job which had good career opportunitys & easy hours as a result. I explained to the women why I didnt shake hands that it was my religion without going into detail. Even when i started my current job I was introduced to a woman in my team & i did not shake hands although other muslims working here did! I explained why i didnt do it as politely as I could but she still takes it as an offence or saying that women arent good enough in Islam! the other muslims here dont even know Rasuula-salaam did not shake hands. If I insha’Allah get another job interview & a woman is present Im afraid that by not shaking her hand i will loose my job. Im trying to please Allah but look how worse of I am by doing this. Ive been told that i’ll be rewarded insha’Allah in the next life but I dont want to be stuck in this job as the long shift work make it hard for me to have Kushoo i prayers, & as I work nights I sometimes miss Jummah through sleeping in the day. Why would Allah put me in this situation for trying to follow The Rasuul? Would I be in grave sin if I shook hands to better my chances of success in my interview? shukraan.


May Allah Ta’ala reward you for having concern for your Deen. We have
understood your predicament and have the following advise for you:
1. One should never please any person by causing the displeasure of Allah
Taala. By shaking hands with females you are definitely flouting the law of
Shariah and hence displeasing Allah Taala.
2. Allah Taala is All-Loving and never puts any person through undue
difficulties, trials and tribulations without any wisdom.
3. Allah Taala has given us a divine Shariah whose laws are:
a) applicable till the Day of Qiyaamah;
b) truly beneficial to the one who abides by it; and
c) a definite safety measure, by practicing on any law of Shariah one will
never be harmed in any way.
4. One should remain steadfast on the shariah and not succumb to the
dictates of one’s nafs by beginning to shake hands with females.
5. You should strive to acquire a more suitable job than your present one,
since you are unable to attend Jumuah Salaat at times due to becoming
6. You should have faith and trust in the fact that Allah provides our
sustenance and true Barakah can only be gained from one’s earnings if it is
acquired in a manner that pleases Allah Taala.
7. Your concept of becoming successful in your interviews by shaking hands
with females is in reality a false concept and is in fact a deception of

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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