Hanafi Fiqh

Inheritance of late husband’s car

My husband recently passed away and is survived by myself (wife), both his parents and 7 brothers and 3 sisters.
He leaves behind £8000 in his bank and a pension from work, the amount yet to be confirmed. He also bought a car on finance, which had £4000 remaining which I have cleared using his money.
According to the Sharia law, how is the money distributed?
Does the car fall under the inheritance distribution?
If not, who inherits the car?

Hanafi Fiqh

Covid vaccines

Assalamu alaikum,

I would be grateful if you could please clarify if the current covid vaccines that are available are all halal ?.

There are so many messages at the moment that are being forwarded amongst Muslims, which has created a great deal of uncertainty.

I would be grateful if you could help shed some light on the permissibiity of having a covid vaccine from a sharia perspective.

Jazak’Allah Khayran

Hanafi Fiqh

Distribution of inheritance and debts

Assalam-u-alaikum Brother,

Jazak Allah Khair for your very beneficial talk on inhertiance issues.

I wanted to ask if the inheritance is divided after deducting the expenses due on the deceased due to loans, taxes, qada salah and rozas and funeral expenses etc.? or these expenses are deducted from 1/3rd of the total assessts of the deceased and the rest is divided as per the sharia.

In my will, I have mentioned that all above expenses due at the time of my death should be paid from my assets first and then the remaining assets should be divided. 1/3rd of the remaining go to charity and 2/3rd to my inheritors. I wanted to confirm if this is right.

May Allah reward you in abundance

Hanafi Fiqh

Questions relating to divorce

AsalaamuAlikum Dear respected Mufti,

My wife wanted a divorce. We went to local scholar and they give an Islamic ruling, I accepted  the rulings but she didn’t. She wants to take me to court. I booked a session with local sharia Council who can deal with all matters, but she applied for divorce to a  sharia Council 200 miles away- who only deal with divorce, and not kids and finance matters.

They only communicated with me via email, and I clearly asked them NOT to deal with our matter as they only deal with divorce and not with kids and finance matter. But they still issued a fasq to her. I requested to communicate with their Mufti but they didn’t reply.


1. As they are 200 miles away from us, and they don’t have jurisdiction over us. and I haven’t recognised their authority, Is their Fasq valid?

2. She is taking me to court for money, is this going to be halal for her which she gets from the court system?

3. She is using a Muslim solicitor, I have submitted my sharia based proposal to him, written with the help of scholar. They ignored this, and still continuing with court system. Would they be sinful for preferring man made system over Allah’s solution?

JazakAllah khirun

Hanafi Fiqh


السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Our family is considering to give away some of our wealth to our children whilst we are alive.

We are taking into consideration the financial situation of our children and apportion part of our wealth whilst we are alive in such a manner that those siblings who are the most needy will receive proportionally more – the siblings have agreed on our intention.

We will also take into consideration the Inheritance Tax implications in the UK and any other country.

The rest of our wealth will be distributed according to Sharia upon death of either/or both my wife and I.

My wife and I have wealth which is separated and will apportion that part of our wealth to our children as we feel appropriate – my wife will apportion her wealth independently.

We have 5 children – 3 males (1 boy, age – 13), 2 daughters
My parents have passed away
Wife’s parents are alive. Also has 2 brothers and 5 sisters

Could you kindly advise on the following.

1. What would be the percentage (parts) that would be distributed to my wife and our children upon my death?
2. What would be the percentage (parts) that would be distributed to me and our children upon my wife’s death, including her parents or any of her other siblings)?
3. What would be the percentage (parts) that would be distributed to our children upon my wife’s and my death at the same time?