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Being buried in partners grave

My question is that If I die first than I want my husband to be buried in the same grave of mine. Is it allowed in Islam ? Also I want to ask that if my husband dies first and when I die can I be buried in the same grave of my husband?
The reason for burial in the same grave for both of us is because he is always in fikr and worry to spread deen and always in the path of Allah. I am at home taking care of home and kids. So I have read it somewhere that good person’s grave is always showered with blessings and I want to be in it.
Please advice that is it allowed in Islam.
May Allah accepts your effort and give rewards in both of the worlds.

Hanafi Fiqh

The status of consuming sand

Q. A widow is finding it very hard to cope after her husband’s death. Somebody prescribed that she should take sand from his grave and drink it to make her emotionally stronger. Is there any basis for this and will it be permissible?

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Parental abuse and child now suffering as an adult

Question: I am a man in my early 30’s. I am from Pakistan and currently living in Canada with my parents and one brother. I came to Canada when I was twelve. I have suffered physical, emotional, and verbal abuse from both my parents. The earliest memories of physical...

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Various Queries Regarding Father’s Death

Question(s) 1) Can women (wife, daughter, nieces, aunties) visit the grave?2) Are our cousin brothers (late father’s nephews), those who are married, allowed to see my mum? Will it matter if my cousin brothers are married or not?3) Can our unmarried nephew from...

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Multiple Group Funeral Prayers

Answered by Shaykh Yūsuf Badāt Question: Is it islamicaly permissible to hold multiple group funeral prayers for the same deceased individual, wherein groups of 10 come one after another, due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, offering the funeral prayer...