Unmarried working woman living with family allowed to move out and live alone, to be independent

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At the outset, you should understand that we are now passing through the age of mischief and corruption. Shaytaan who is our enemy and from who we should constantly guard ourselves is making an all out effort to deviate us from the straight path, either by breaking up families, involving individuals in Haraam relationships, etc.
Reverting to your query, a woman who is not married and wants to move out on her own is vulnerable to evil and vice. When a woman who is young, full of desires and has the resources to carry out her wishes, out of the boost of youth, she will definitely carry out her desires and aspirations. However if she lives with her parents who from childhood nurtured her and through whose blessings she is where she is, the parents or seniors can guide her if she needs advice. Benefiting from their advice and experience is far more beneficial than residing on her own.

We therefore suggest you consult the seniors of your family and get their input. Mashura (consultation) plays an important role in one’s life. Based on their experience of the past their advice and input will be vital.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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