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Is it ok to host or attend functions like: 1. Mehndi. 2. Manje/Haldi. 3. Jumagi. 4. Birthdays. 5. Anniversaries (Marriage or Death). 6. Graduation functions. 7. Baby Showers (generally 7th month of pregnancy/sathwaasa). 8. Hadiya – Child completes the first recitation of the entire Qur’an. 9. Bismillah – When a child starts the recitation of Qur’an. 10. Chilla (40 days after birth of a child). 11. Chetti (6 days after birth of a child). 12. Ziyarat (3 days after the death of a person). 13. Chehlum (40 days after the death of a person). 14. Barsi (1 year after the death of a person). 15. Kheer-Pooriyan. 16. Saymani. 17. Niyaz. 18. Burdah-Shareef. 19. Gyarwin (11th)?

When our friends or relatives host functions with mixed gatherings, should we attend these for the sake of maintaining the relationship (taluqaat)?

Is it true that every relation whether it be direct or indirect will be of no benefit on the Day of Judgment except for the ones blood related to SalallahuAlahi WasSallam?