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I have eaten unlawful food accidentally. What should i do?

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It happened as i went to meet some friends of mine who are christians and hindus. They offered me a pizza to eat. I was alarmed that this food would be containing some haram meat and i asked them wheter it is halal or not. They said and assured me that it is only cheese and tomato pizza. I ate it then and even asked them where they bought it from with the intention that i would verify wheter it was halal or not. They gave me the dresciption of the pizza. However when i went to the shop i found that the same pizza contained Red Wine Vinegar. I really forgot to ask my friends on that ocassion about alchoal ingredients and think that it is really my fault and that i should have asked them about this as well. I really dont know what to do. I continue to ask ALLAH’s forgiveness and request you to please do dua for me as well. Please tell me what should i do in this situation. I really really forgot about this alcohol ingredient and if i would have known i would have never eaten it.


It is of paramount importance to exercise extreme precaution in matters of
Halaal and Haraam. It is also not appropriate to rule any food as Halaal
based on the information of non-Muslims. Most non-Muslims do not understand
the complete concept of Halaal.

You should continue making Istighfaar (seek forgiveness) for consuming the
Haraam pizza and exercise precaution in future.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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