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Will a Muslim woman get male companions other than her husband in Jannah?

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1) Could you please specify what special nounties the believing, pious and obedient wives will enjoy in Jannah? The books I have read about Jannah clearly state the many beautiful women the men will enjoy. Nothing is clearly stated about the men that the women might enjoy. 2) Who will keep the believing women company in Jannah and satisfy their desires while their husbands are engaged with the Hoors? 3) Will their be any males created similar to the hoors that are created for the men? 4) Will a husband still love and desire his worldly wife in Jannah? Will he ever become bored with her due to him having many other wives in Jannah?


1. Women in Jannah will get whatever they desire. Allah Ta’ala states, ‘And
you will receive in Jannah whatever you desire.’ (Surah41 Aayat31). The
pious, worldly women will be made the queens of Jannat and be of a higher
rank than the Hoors. Their beauty will far excel the beauty of the Hoors.
2. Their husbands will satisfy their desires.
3. No.
4. He will always love her and never become bored with her. It should be
borne in mind that Jannah is unlike this world. Allah will ensure that every
inhabitant of Jannah will always be in extreme joy and happiness. Instead of
worrying about whether we will be happy in Jannat, we should accept Allah’s
guarantee that we will be happy therein and concern ourselves with ensuring
that we please Allah sufficiently to be granted entry into Jannah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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