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Confusion regarding postpartum bleeding and wudu requirements for salah.

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after giving birth recently, i did not bleed continously for 40 days unlike my last 2 times. (i normally bleed heavily)
i bled very litlle on & off. maybe a little every day or every 2 days.
so i continued to be napak for 40 days as i understand one should act according to the way it usually would be.
however, it went 3-5 days over my 40 days period. i performed gusl by the 40th night. however, in those extra days, i only spotted maybe once in a day.
so, i never did fresh wudhu for every salaat as i only spotted once a day for those extra days. i only performed fresh wudhu if i obviously broke it or if i spotted which also breaks wudhu. does that mean my sallat was not counted? was i supposed to do fresh wudhu even though i only spotted once in a day? if so, does it mean i need to perform qaza salaat for it all?

also, just now i carried out red discharged and later on followed by spotting. it was more then 15 days after my nifas period so i counted it as period. but it was only that day. 3 nights after that, i spotted again and the next day i had pinkish discharge. is this counted as a period?

sorry, im just very confused.

jazakallah hu khair


In the name of Allah the Glorified

The maximum number of days for Nifas is forty. Any bleeding beyond this period will be deemed as Istihaadha (a person who will have to renew his/her Wudhu for every Salaah due to continuous bleeding etc). (Al-Hidayaah Vol 1, Kitabut Tahaarah).

If you had bled continuously in the extra days and this continuous bleeding was such that is lasted for the duration of one full Salaah time then you would have had to renew your Wudhu for every Salaah, because of the fact that you would have been a “Mazur”.

Hence, in conclusion to the above you will not have to perform any Qaza Salaah because the method and ruling you applied was correct.

For the last part of your question, you say you bled for one day then there was a three nights pause (from what you have said this accumulates to 3 full days and one night) after which you bled again for 2 full days. The total number is five days and one night. These days will be those of Haidh (periods).

If you mean from your questions that you bled for one day and then there was a three day pause (not nights) and then you bled for two days afterthis, then the total number for the Periods will come to six full days.

And Allah knows best

Aug 31, 2005

Mufti Abubakr Karolia
Batley, U.K
Founder of the “Islamic Foundation for Theology and Research” (I.F.T.A.R)

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