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The condition of repentance is that you dont revert to that sin..

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But I have a bad habit that i revert back to many times over as I am not married. I feel guilty everytime I have done it & I always repent with two rakahs of prayer & a special Duaa istighfar. Will Allah (swt) not accept. I sometimes feel that Allah may think Im taking Him for granted. i certainly done mean to. Its frustrating not being married & I know there is great reward in being patient & abstaining from this bad habit. As He knows all things I tell Him I may even do it again but I will repent. I dont plan to do this sin but at times I cant control myself. I dont do this often but maybe twice/thrice a month I get very weak. Please advise if Allah will have mercy upon me ya Sheikh.. thankyou


Allah Ta’ala will accept the repentance provided it is a sincere one.

Your saying that you may do the sin again is not sufficient. With
conviction, you must intend to stop doing this sin and promise never to do
it again. If you cannot get married at this time, then fasts two to three
times weekly. Concentrate on other permissible acts, like Nafl Salaat, etc.
When the thought of sinning enters the mind, then remind yourself of the
punishment and remember Allah Ta’ala is Almighty, he can take you to task

This would lead to utter disgrace in the world and the one hereafter. Save
yourself, Allah Ta’ala guide us all to fulfil our obligations.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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