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Repentance of heretic

I have heard that there are two different opinions regarding the repentance of heretic. Some scholars are of view that his repentance is accepted in this world while others are of view that his repentance cannot be accepted. Which opinion is more correct and what are hanafi views about this issue?

Hanafi Fiqh

Are man made theories appropriate to use as therapy?

Can a person use man made theories to help heal traumas or use them as tools for therapy? A friend recommended-

Is it discrediting to Allah to use this type of spirituality despite how helpful it is claimed to be. Are these ideas limited because they exclude the acknowledgement of Allah?

Hanafi Fiqh

Compensating someone who was hit

Assalamu ‘alaiykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

Please consider the following case:
Person A grabs person B by the shirt. Person A then approaches Person B from behind and throws him violently on to a concrete pavement. Person A holds person B on the ground in a headlock and tells his friends to kick person B. Person A then punches person B on the forehead three times. Person A allows person B to stand up. However, person B begins to run away and person A begins to chase him. Person A tackles person B on to the ground, and then leaves. Person A had no cynical intention of causing serious harm to person B and he does not know the extent of the injuries he had inflicted on person B. Nevertheless, he is blameworthy of acting recklessly and on misguided emotion. He is repenting and seeking ways to correct his oppression, but he has no means of contacting person B. How much should he pay in sadaqa as compensation, and should he take any further steps? I apologize again for taking up your time with the same questions.
Jazakallahu khaiyrun.

Hanafi Fiqh

Repentance from cheating in exams

How to repent if :
1)A person cheated from his book in exam hall and shared the book with his friend too.
2)A person cheated from smartphone and another classmate copied from his answer sheet too.
3)A person cheated by asking some classmate to send answer via social media platform in exams hall?
Note : In all these cases open cheating was going on in exam centre. There was full liberty given by teachers to cheat .
Who are the sinners and how to repent from this sin ?
Hopeful of getting the answer ASAP !
Yours requestingly