1)My friend borrowed some money from me.While he returns,if he gives money earned by him in haram ways, Can i take that money? 2-Can female use toilet tissues instead of water after urination.

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(1)My friend borrowed some money from me.While he returns,if he gives haram money(earned by him in haram ways) to me, Can i take that money?will it be halal for me?Ofcourse the money I have given him was halal.(2) i am now staying in uk and iam a female, iam having a doubt wheter i can use toilet tissues instead of water after urination.(3 Indian customs rules allow to take items only upto a particular amount(I think rs12000) while we go from UK to India.what my doubt is if we purcase any item like microwave or other from another person whose rate is less than half the market price(some time second hand items) and if we want to take it with us then how should the value of that item be considered , will it be the amount we have purcased or should it be the market price, and upto what range should the customs rules be given importance according to Islam(4)My parents recently purcased a house by taking some loan, the house costs 5lakhs and the loan taken is 3lakhs. so what i want to know is if we go back to india and stay with my parents for few days, can ghusal , namaz be valid in that house because taking loan is haram and that house is purcased by taking loan , it is not so easy to be away from them i want to clear this doubt.


1. If you are certain that the money is from Haraam sources, you should
decline to accept this Haraam money in lieu of the loan.

2. What gives you the doubt? Irrespective of where you are, cleansing
yourself after passing urine is necessary. The best is water. However, if
you use toilet paper to cleanse yourself, your Istinjaa will be in order.

3. These are man-made laws and obviously don’t hold the same merit as the
divine laws of Allah. However, it is best to abide by these custom
regulations to avoid any form of embarrassment and problems. The market
value of the item is normally taken into account.

4. The loan on interest itself is Haraam. The loan amount and the house
itself is not Haraam. Hence, you may stay there, perform Salaat, etc.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

for: Mufti Ebrahim Desai

CHECKED AND APPROVED: Moulana Imraan Vawda

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