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Would you please answer the following questions?

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Respected Mufti Sahib: As-Salaam-O-Alaykum-Wa-Rahmatullahy-Wa-Barakatahoo. 1. What is the prefered method of performing salaat, for a person who has to use a chair/stool due to physical limitations? 2. Are we required to perform the “Saajdah-e-Tilawat” on Aayat# 77 of surah Al-Haaj? 3. Who will get the custody of deceased brother’s three children, should thier MUSLIM mother perishes and her parents, only sister(who’s a lesbian), and ALL other relatives are HINDUS? 4. Does the surviving siblings have any right(s), regarding the ISLAMIC up-bringing of their brother’s children, and vice-versa? The deceased brother was survived by his mother, three brothers, and two sisters. All of whom were born and are practising MUSLIMS. Alhumdolillah, the widow of the deceased brother, who converted to ISLAM prior to her merriage, is still practicing ISLAM to the best of her capabilities, and maintains close contact with us. Wa-As-Salaam-O-Alaykum-Wa-Rahmatullahy-Wa-Barakatahoo. Jazakallah-O-Khair, for your prompt response to my questions.


1. He should sit on the chair and perform his entire Salaat in the sitting
posture. For Ruku and Sajdah, he should make gestures with the head. Bow
lower for Sajdah than Ruku.
2. According to the Hanafi Madhab, Sajdah Tilaawat on this verse is not
3. Since there are no relatives available from the mother’s side for the
custody of the children, the fathers side of the (Muslim) family would get
custody. First the paternal grandfather, then the paternal uncles and so
4. Your question is vague. Could you be a bit more clearer.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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