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Dream I had on the night of 21st in Makkah, please interpret.

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It was the night of the 21st day of Ramadan, I was in a hotel room near the haram in Makkah. I had already performed my Umrah during the Ramadan, but this day I was so tired and could not go to pray isha and taraweeh in the mosque, because I felt so nauseated (being in the first trimester of pregnancy). As the dua was coming to the end during the last rakaa of witr I fell asleep and dreamt or saw a vision in which three men surrounded by a very beautiful white light came towards me. Their faces were not visible because of the light that dazzled my eyes. The one in front of the other two knelt besides my bed and asked for from the other two to bring something and the two dissappered and in a split second returned and handed him something like a ball of shining light, so bright I could not look at it and he said to me, this is your Umrah gift and will always be with you till the judgement day. He brought it towards my face and the ball of light was absorbed by my face and I felt so much peace and tranquility


The dream is an indication of your Umrah being accepted by Allah Ta’ala. You
will benefit from the effects of the Umrah throughout your life and the
reward of it will be manifested on the day of Qiyaamat.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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