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Assalaamu ‘alaikum question regarding ramadhaan itikaf & witr with imaam-e-haram makkah

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Is the practice of sitting in Itikaaf full month of Ramadan an innovation? What if someone does this continuously every year? During Ramadhan in Makkah I was informed that Witr with the imaam is not accepted and I had to pray it separately. Is this advice correct? Which is the correct method of Witr salaah?


1) To sit in I’tikaaf for the entire month of Ramadhaan is not an
innovation. The first twenty days are Nafl I’tikaaf, and is understood to be
so. Just as one may continuously practise on other Nafl acts, so too may one
continuously perform I’tikaaf of the entire month everyyear.
2) At imes, the Imaam in Makkah performs the Witr with 2 Rakaats, and then
one Rakaat separately. There is a difference of opinion amongst the Hanafi
Ulama as to whether a Hanafi may follow an Imaam who performs the Witr
according to the other Madhaahib. Our advise is that one should read the
Witr with the Imaam, and as a precaution repeat it thereafter on one’s own.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Imraan Vawda


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