Gusal(steps of gusal) should be done before or after taking bath after having intercourse

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After having intercourse,I washed my private parts,then i took bath with soap rubbing on all over the body and after completing the bath at the end i perform gusal like this a.i wash my hands till wrist 3 times b.i took water in my mouth and giggle 3 times c.i put water into nostrils 3 times then d.i put water on my whole body from head to toe Is the gusal Ok which iam doing or shall i have to perform these 4 steps first then took bath which is valid out of the two taking bath and performing these steps or performing these steps and taking bath. Iam doing this niyaath in urdu(I make gusal to make my self pure) is it ok or shall i need to do the niyyat in arabic. My other question is, do we need to have clothes below navel while taking bath for both men/women or can we take bath naked becaz i always took bath naked as i feel more comfortable rather then putting clothes like underwere and having bath.Pls suggest.


To make Ghusal the following acts of the Sunnah are recommended.

1. Begin with the Name of Allah
2. Make your intention (any language)
3. To wash hands up to the wrists
4. To wash off all impurities
5. To wash the private parts even if no impurities maybe visible 6. Make a complete Wudhu 7. To wash the head 8. Pour water over the entire body thrice 9. Pour water over the right shoulder then the left shoulder 10. Rub the body 11. Keep in mind that you must make sure that the entire body is wet 12. Once you have completed make sure to wash the feet to ensure no impurities are left from the pouring.

As for the question of taking a bath naked this is permissible as long as you are not able to be seen by others. If not, you need to wear at least a loin cloth to cover that which is below your naval to your knees.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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