How many Kabeera sins are there?

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I wanted to know that how many kabeera sins are there which require “Tauba” for their forgiveness.


Kabira sins (major) are those sins regarding which severe warnings have been
mentioned. Hereunder are some of the Kabir sins mentioned by the scholars:

1. To ascribe partners to Allah.
2. To shed the blood of someone unjustly
3. To practise witchcraft
4. To taunt or forment one’s parents
5. To commit adultery
6. To devour the wealth of orphans
7. To accuse a woman of adultery even on the slightest doubt
8. To oppress or persecute someone
9. To backbite or slander someone
10. To betray a trust
11. To speak lies, especially to take false oaths
12. To swear by the name of anyone other than Allah
13. To take interest
14. To persist in sin
15. To lose hope in the Mercy of Allah
16. To drink wine
17. To consume interest.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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