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The correct position of sitting during the Juma khutba

Does chewing gum during salaah affect the validity of salaah

What is a woman not allowed to do in the state of menstruation?

How should one should relieve himself?

Is it true that by using toothbrush and toothpaste you can acquire the reward and accomplish the sunnah of using the miswak

Can I give zakat before my zakat date

Zakat on a bad loan

Can we give Zakaat  in food, clothes etc. instead of money to refugees?

If a person has two cars in his possession, does he pay zakat on his second car?

Currency exchange

Is it permissible to takeout a Medical insurance

Can I sell candy that contains swine gelatine

Why is car insurance halal?

Are we allowed to bury more than just one body in a grave?

What is the proof that all the Sahabah are all adil (trustworthy)