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Brief Biography of Ibn Hazm

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Question: Who is the famous ‘alim Ibn Hazam, I read several contradictory opinions concerning him, young people it is the confusion with his readings that we advise you, Is it advisable for non scholar (layman,non qualified person) to read Ibn hazam’s book? ANSWER: As Salaam Alaikum, Ibn Hazm was great scholar of Cordoba (Spain) during… read more »

Question on rewards of Laylatul Qadr

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Asalamualaikum. Hazrat, when someone finds Laytul Qadr on whatever day it is, and performs Maghrib/Isha/Fajar salah in congregation are all 3 salahs rewarded by 25 times as per the Hadith plus the 83/84 years of Laylatul Qadr? Seomeone said to me Fajar is not in included because the start of Fajar is when Laylatul Qadr ends. Wa… read more »

Nafl Salaat in Jamaat.

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Question: Is it allowed to perform four (4) rakaats Nafl Salaat in Jamaat (congregation) reciting Surah Fatiha once (1) and Surah Ikhlas fifty (50) times in each rakaat? I have seen this practised by some of my Muslim brothers and would like to know if this is valid or innovation. Answer: First of all it… read more »