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Dreaming of Mawlana Tariq Jameel Saheb

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Asalamualaikum. My name is Zubair. My email is………… I am enquiring of a dream I had. I had a dream that my friend ——and I went to see Maulana Tariq Jameel as he had come to our locality. We climbed up some stairs to get to the room he was staying in. Before we entered I told My friend to go in first. As soon as he entered Maulana said to him “Mashallah Mashallah tum Alim Banoge” (You will become an Alim). When i entered he said “Mashallah Mashallah tum Hafiz Banoge” (You will become a Hafiz). For some reason, which I do not know, I replied by saying do you know my situation. He replied yes I am aware of your situation, you will become a Hafiz. I am in my 3rd year of Alim course and have memorised about 1 and a half para. My friend at the time was doing istikhara on weather he should join darul uloom and become an Alim. We both at the time were in 40 days jamaat.

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Walaikumussalam w w

First, remember that it wasn’t ml Tariq Jameel who you saw in the dream. It was an angel in his form. He came to you in ml Tariq Jameel’s form due to your love for him and for his bayans.

Then, what the angel said seems to be a basharat and a form of encouragement for both of you.

May Allah swt make you both hafiz and alim, and spread the word of hidayat through you.


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