Sajdah e tilawat and 2nd Jamaat

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

AWW Shaykh

1. Can we do Sajdah e tilawat anytime of the day including makrooh times?

2. If a Salah Jamaat has taken place in a mosque (Jamaat Khana), can you not do a 2nd jamaat in the same place of the mosque e.g. the jamaat Khana?

3. If example a room has been given for salah at work, university etc. Can multiple jamaat take place even though there may be a fixed time for salah?

Jazakallah, may allah reward you abundantly in both worlds…ameen. Make dua for me as well.


Tulu, ghuroob and zawaal are 3 makrooh times in which no salah or sajdah is allowed. This is for about 10/15 mins at each occasion.

After fajr and Asr have been performed, nawaafil are nit allowed but, qazae umri and wajib salah are allowed.

Sajdae tilawat is wajib according to hanafi research. So it will be allowed if someone was reciting Quran after fajr or asr and needed to do sajdae tilawat, that he can do the sajdah.

2, Second jamaa’t in a regular masjid is makrooh. People should make a serious attempt to join the main jamaa’t and if they miss it they should pray alone and be more careful next time.

In a Musafirkhana masjid where people come and go Eg at the airport or station, the fuqahaa have permitted second jamaat there because musaafirs don’t have their travelling under their control.

3, University room should fall under the Musafirkhana category, thus multiple jamaats there shud be permissible. However, make an attempt to join the main jamaa’t. Wallahu a’lam.

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