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Profit from unknown company

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Dear Mufti Sahib, Hope you are in good health and long life. This question I am asking for second time, I request you to answer me as soon as possible. In 2016 I invested Rupees 20 Lakhs in a muslim company doing business in Gold and Textile and they convinced me that they are giving… read more »

Zakat on gold of different carats

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Assalaam o Alaykum ww. Respected Mufti saheb, Should we pay Zakaat on Gold Jewellery according to different prices per gram of different carats ? Zakaat month is Zul-Hijjah Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh. In principle, if… read more »

IML (iMarkets Live)

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Assalamulaykum, I have been looking into forex with a company called IML. When i asked them in regards to its permissiblilty they gave this answer:  Now the way brokers work is you borrow funds effectively to trade with and they charge commissions / interest. Now in Islam that comes under riba. However to… read more »

Divorce issued in menses

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Salam I have been married for 9 years with 3 kids , me and my husband we’re both working and I would pay the house rent and other bills and most of his money was saved in the bank. Which I found unfair. We had a joint account which his earnings would get saved ,… read more »

Income of a financial analyst at a bank

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Assalam Alyaikum! 1. Some years ago I worked in central bank. I was analyst. I worked in analysis financial instruments: gold, government bonds, shares, deposits and etc., formalization of documents which are connected with these financial instruments. The main income of bank from government, maybe all income. Was my work haram? May be partly salary… read more »

Online Forex Trading

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My question is pertaining to onlone forex trading A few months back i was trading online.i lost money and made money.some trades i made losses and some profits.also the platform i was trading on gave bonuses.eg if you do 100 trades they give you a bonus of 200 rand.at this stage i was under the… read more »