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Confused about fasting Ramadan

Answered by Fatwaa.com

A few years ago I may reached the age of it being obligatory to fast Ramadan but I didn’t know at the time, the problem is I am not sure when exactly it happened so I am unsure how many Ramadan’s I have missed so I don’t know how much I have to fast, and… read more »


Answered by Fatwaa.com

I am a 24 year old male and I have desire to begin searching for a suitable spouse to make nikah. My main niyyat doing this is to be saved from the zinnah and I feel mentally I am ready. The thing that I need advice with is that I currently am not working and… read more »

Help with checking Muslim spiritual amil/healer

Answered by Fatwaa.com

HOT! Assalam alaikum. Dear mufti Ismail Moosa. I need your advice about this person: BrotherRahman.net (hereinafter referred to as “BR”) who gives himself out as a Muslim spiritual healer / amil. In particular, he offers all sorts of spiritual services and the manufacture and sale of spiritual objects. He also has a connection with djinns… read more »

Kaffarah for masturbating whilst fasting

Answered by Fatwaa.com

Hi my qustion is i used to committe secret act and did not know it would break fast, then i found out however could not stop i have stopped more then half a year. i wanted to know is kaffara only for intercourse? Will i need to offer qaza for deliberarly breaking fast after realising… read more »

Swallowed Miswak bristles while fasting

Answered by Fatwaa.com

AsalamuAlaykum, I am making up my ramadan fasts. To clean up my mouth, I’m using wet or dry Miswak. After using, I spit out the bristles of the Miswak and clean my mouth. However while swallowing the saliva some bristles go to my throat and I swallow them with the saliva. Does that break my… read more »

Can I marry at 16 without a job?

Answered by Fatwaa.com

I’m currently just 16 years old and I’m interested in marrying but I’m not sure if this is right as I don’t have a job yet and I’m still in school. I want to marry so as to prevent myself from zina as I have done an act considered as zina, thankfully it wasn’t intercourse…. read more »

Vows and Oaths

Answered by Fatwaa.com

Question: Assalum Alaikum shiekh, I have a major problem troubling me right now. So basically, in the past months i used to repent alot of times. On each repentance i used to say” I promise you, O Allah, that i wont commit those sins again” or “I promise you, O Allah, that i will try… read more »