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Is it permissible to give Sadqa during Fitr and break Roza for a Sharai Uzar?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria
Assalam O Alekum, Mufti sab, Maine ya Pochna tha k Sadqa Tu Fitar Beger Bataey Dia Ja Sekta Ha Ya Nahi. or Dosra sawal ya ha k Beger Kisi Sharai Uzar Ka Roza Shor na Jaiz ha ya nahi. Quran O Hadith ki roshni main Islah farmay. Mere Office Main 1 sab Rozey Nahi Rakh tey wo kehtey hain k SURA BAQRA ki Ayat no. 183 Or 184 k mutabq Roza shora ja sakta ha or banda us ka FIDIA de de. Mehbani Ker k agar es ka fatwa bhi mil jae to Nawazish ho gi.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

1. If Sadaqa e Fitr is given to any deserved and needy person, without being disclosed or, given as Hibah (Gift) and the intention remained as giving Sadaqa e Fitr, it is considered as Sadaqa e Fitr is executed.

2. It is not correct to leave Saum (Fasting) in spite of being healthy and to be content with Fidya, without having a valid Shar’i excuse and it is a matter of grave Sin. There are very severe warnings recorded in Ahadees e Mubaraka in this context. Hence the referred person is becoming an offender of a grave Sin due to his act of abandoning Fardh.

As for his adducing of the referred Ayat of Sura e Baqara as a proof, it is incorrect since the ruling of Ayaat WA ALALLAZEENA YUTHEEQOONAHU FIDYATHU THA’AMI MISKEEN has become abrogated upon RESIDENT and HEALTHY through the Ayat FA MAN SHAHIDA MINKUMUSH SHAHRA following it. Even if it is taken for granted that, it is not abrogated as is the opinion of some scholars, yet the meaning of the Ayat among them is that, the one who is not strong enough to observe Saum may give Fidya to Miskeen (the needy). Therefore it is necessary for the aforesaid person to abstain from this major Sin and to make Thowba and Isthighfar (seek forgiveness) sincerely. Also he should make arrangements to perform Qadha of hitherto missed Saum due to the ignorance of the subject.

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