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COVID 19 South Africa – Taraweeh Rulings

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Q. How should Taraweeh Salaah be performed in Ramadaan with the lockdown restrictions in South Africa? A. The performance of 20 Rakaats Taraweeh Salaah is an emphasised Sunnah (Sunnah Muakkadah) for both males and females during the month of Ramadaan. Given the current circumstance of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in South Africa, men should perform… read more »

Who is regarded to be an orphan in Islam?

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Q. In Islam, who is an orphan and until what age is one regarded to be an orphan? A. A child (non-baaligh) whose father passes away is regarded to be an orphan until he/she reaches the age of maturity (Buloogh). Sayyiduna Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu reports the he memorized from Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, “There is… read more »

What is the exact age of maturity (Buloogh)?

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Q. Salaah is compulsory on a person from the time of maturity. But how does one determine maturity? A. The maturity (Buloogh) of a male is determined by him experiencing a wet dream (Ihtilaam) or ejaculation (Inzaal). The maturity (Buloogh) of a female is determined by her experiencing a wet dream (Ihtilaam) or menstruation (Haidh)…. read more »

Using Zakaat for a child’s operation

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Q. A child was born with a hole in the heart and has to undergo an operation. The mother doesn’t have an income. The father has an income but cannot cover the expenses of the operation. Can Zakaat be used to pay for the expenses of the operation? A. In terms of Zakaat eligibility, a… read more »