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I am really scared. I have committed blasphemy.

Is it permissible to lease a hotel room for two hours

I heard that the angel who writes bad deeds waits 6 hours before he writes the bad deed

I opened a Tobacco retail store

Is it permissible to use my mother’s money?

Can we eat fish which is fried in the same oil as crabs and lobsters?  

How to dispose of interest money?

Skipping a surah in salah

I threw more than 7 pebbles because I could not determine whether the pebble had made impact

Animals allowed to be sacrificed during udhiyyah

Are we allowed to wear English clothing?

Is there punishment for celebrating birthday’s?

Is it permissible for people living within the meeqat to go to Makkah without donning the ihram to see the kaba and perform tawaaf

Since it is prohibited and sinful to trim the beard lesser than one fist, can I shave my beard

Is it permissible for a lady to cut/thinner  her eyebrows?