3 questions regarding napaki with blood

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1. how much blood will break wudhu (how much does it have to flow to break the wudhu or if it flows, does it break wudhu no matter how much it flows from the original wound)?

2. How much blood will make the clothes napaak (how much blood should go on the clothes before the clothes become napaak)?

3. If we have a normal plaster on, can we do masah over it when we are doing wudhu or do we have to take it off?

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Answer 1:
When it flows to an area which should be washed in ghusl or wudhu, the wudhu will break. Therefore, if blood appears in the pupil of the eye it will not break wudhu because the inside of the eye does not have to be washed in ghusl or wudhu. Also if a nail is chipped and some blood appears but does not flow outside it’s area it will not break the wudhu.

Answer 2:
Any amount of blood makes the clothes napaak, they have to be washed to make them paak.

However, if the stain is less than one dirham (equivalent to the inner part of the palm of your hand) then Salah will be makrooh with such clothing on. The sawab of a makrooh salah is decreased by manyfolds.

If it’s equal to or more than this amount, Salah will not be valid and it will have to be repeated after washing that stain.

Answer 3:

Yes we can do masah over the plaster, we don’t have to take it off.

This answer was collected from the official website of Sheikh Abdul Raheem Limbada (Hafizahullah) of UK.

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