If a women gets a divorce, is there a certain amount of time that she has to spend at home. If so how long does she have to stay in her home and if she does not stay what happens?

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Q. Kindly explain to me what is Talaaq-e-Raj’ee and Talaaq-e-Baain and their
A: Talaaq-e-Raji is when a divorce is issued with a word having an express
meaning of divorce, for example, “I divorce you”. The implication of such a
talaaq is that it can be revoked within the iddat period of three menses if
experiencing menses or alternatively of three months if not experiencing
menses and not conceived. If conceived, the iddat will be till birth. There
is no need to remarry in order to reconcile. After the expiry of the iddat,
the talaq-e-Raji is converted to a Talaq-e-Baain.
Talaq-e-Baain is when a divorce is issued with a word having an indicative
meaning of divorce with the intention of divorce, for example, “Go away”, “I
don’t want you”. The implication of such a divorce is that it cannot be
revoked even within the iddat period. A re-performance of nikkah is
necessary for a reconciliation. If the husband issued three divorcwes
simultaneously or separately in one sitting or diffrent sittings, it will be
valid and the husband and wife become strangers to one another. They cannot
reconcile. However, if two or three talaaq-e-Baains were issued
simultaneously or separately in one sitting or different sittings then only
it will be regarded as one talaaq-e-Baain only.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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