Can interest money be given to a charity?

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Assalamualaikum mufti sab. I have a question. If you have interest money can you give it to a hospital or care home.

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Walaikumussalam w w

Any money which is acquired by Haraam means (Inc. Interest) and it is not possible to return it to it’s owner, then it will become necessary to give this money to the poor. It is better to give it in poor people’s hands.

However, if a person was to give this money to a hospital or care home, it would be permissible with the following conditions:

1) He has no affiliation with the organisation to whom he is giving the money.

2) He himself is not benefiting by giving the money to this charity.

3) When he is giving the money, he does not have the intention of receiving the reward of giving Sadaqah which one would receive by giving normal Sadaqah.

(I.e When giving Sadaqah from one’s halal wealth, a person does so with the intention that they shall receive at least 10 times more reward, inshAllah. However, in this case one will not receive the extra reward.)

This giving will be as though he is getting a burden off his shoulders, Allah will reward him for being conscious of his duty in this regard.

وأما إذا كان عند رجل مال خبيث فأما إذا ملكه بعقد فاسد أو حصل له بغير عقد ولا يمكنه أن يرد إلى مالكه ويريد أن يدفع مظلمته فليس له حيلة إلا أن يدفع إلى الفقراء. (بذل المجهود ٣٨/١(

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