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Accidentally wearing gloves made from pigskin

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


I have worn gloves made from pigskin unknowingly and obviously my hands have become a little sweaty in them. Without washing my hands I have touched other things such as my car steering wheel etc. ( my hands were moist when I touched those things as normal hands are) now I feel everything I’ve touched is impure. Please advise me what I should do as a matter of urgency as my shaq is becoming unbearable.

Answer: There is Qaidah (rule) of Fiqh that

اليقين لا يزول بالشك

Certainty is not dispelled by doubt

So when someone’s hands are Paak then until he cannot be certain to such an extent that he can take an oath that they have become Napaak, his hands will stay paak.

In your case your hands were paak when you accidentally wore those gloves, so they will be classed as paak. This type of contact is not like touching visible najasat eg stool, urine, blood, etc

What you have mentioned is an internal illness called ‘Wahm’. To get rid of this illness you have to fight your nafs and the only person that can help you, is yourself. So, be strong and don’t let your ‘wahm’ get the better of you. May Allah Ta’ala cure you from all internal and external illnesses. Ameen

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