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Dua to heal ankles and make them stronger

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


I play a lot of football and I have sprained my ankles many times. I was wondering if there is any duas, zikir, surats or duruds I can recite that will help to heal my ankles and make them stronger. Jazakallah. May Allah bless and reward Sheikh Abdur Raheem and his students for all their efforts.


Read before you start a game,

Bismillahil lazi la yadhurru ma’a Ismihi shayun fil ardhi wa la fis samaa, wa huwass amiul aleem

“I am playing with the name of Allah, in whose name nothing can harm, in the Earth or in the sky. And he is all-hearing, all-knowing.”

Also have some vitamin D tablets regularly as they strengthen the bones.

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