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The rights of parents and children

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What are the rights of parents and children? At what age do the rights of children end?

The rights parents have over their children are many of which is that kids should love them and also respect them, there is a slight difference between the two. A person who loves something may not necessarily respect it and vice versa. So a person should have respect in the heart that parents and our elders are worthy of respect and love them at the same time. If they need any services of kids than kids should be ready to provide it for them whether financial or any other forms of services. A person should pray for his parents while they are alive and after their death, a person should also be good to his parents friends and relatives. Having respect means not jerking of someone, or showing attitude, or being harsh with. A person should respect the desires and the wishes of his or her elders.

The rights of kids over parents are that kids should be given a good name, taught the Koran the prophetic traditions, and along with that molding their character on the pattern of the character of the prophet peace be upon him. Keeping them from the bad environment and when they reach the age of marriage marrying them into good families are all responsibilities of the parents. As long as a kid is unmarried he or she is under the control of his or her parents but not after the marriage if a person moves out of the house of his parents before marriage he also comes out of their responsibility.

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