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Can a wife spend all of her husbands earnings?

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My friend is an ortho-surgeon working in Jeddah has a problem, his wife is also a doctor working and they have been married for 13 years and have 4 children, the eldest daughter is 12 years. The problem is that the wife accuses her husband that he spends all his money on his brothers and sisters, and doesn’t care. So she is trying to spend the whole of husbands pay and hardly saves, her earnings are safe and there is no information to her husband as she says it his her money. She doesnt care about her In-laws and uses foul language. When they visit Hyderabad she stays with her brother/sister, and does not stay for more than a day with in-laws. Their marriage is about to break, what to do?

The responsibility of a husband towards his wife financially is that he should provide for her food, clothing, shelter, and after that he should give her some pocket money for her own personal needs. When a husband gives money to his wife he has no right to ask her to spend the money in the way he wants she can spend on herself or she can give it to her relative, sisters, or anybody else. Same thing with the husband’s money the husband, in another words, he can do whatever he wants with his money and the wife should not interfere if he is giving to his relatives etc.

If a woman does not want to spend on herself in those things for which the husband is responsible than this is her right. The husband has no right to say if you are earning than you should spend on yourself but he can say that with regards to the expenses that fall out of his responsibility. So, in conclusion, Man has no right over his wife’s money just as she has no right over his money except in things he is responsible for her.

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