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Maulana WaheedUddin Khan and his writings

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Could you please let us know about the authenticity of the writings of Maulana Waheeduddin Khan (Editor Al-Risala Magazine, New Delhi).

Maulana WaheedUddin Khan and his writings
Wahiuddin Khan Sahib writes very well and has written on many topics very well, but at the same time, he has many differences of opinion with the scholars. For this reason, a certain degree of caution should be exercised in reading his books. But it cannot be known for certain in which book and regarding which issue there is a difference of opinion and this is especially difficult for the common man, and it is for this reason that the ulama express caution in reading such peoples’ books, in which there are correct things and also incorrect, and both of them are mixed together. Since he differs with the majority of the scholars in some small issues, for this reason is better to be careful. But in some of the books of his, the subject and materiel of the books are such that there is no difference or problem in them. There is no problem in reading or studying such material, for example, his book by the name, “Islam and Modern Challenges”, which has been written under the supervision of Nadwatul Musannifeen. It is in excellent book and is taught in many madaris, it is also taught using the Arabic translation. In that book he has mentioned only such topics as the Akhirah and its confirmation and the confirmation of the message of the Prophets (Alayhimus Salaam).

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