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Hanafi Fiqh

Status of marriage with doubts in faith

What is the ruling if a husband in marriage expresses doubt in faith like (not fully confident if quran is the word of God).Later repents and realizes his mistake. Is marriage dissolved or remain enforced
Kindly respond.
If there is a difference of opinion among scholars what is the opinion of shafi madhab.
JazakAllah kahir

Hanafi Fiqh

Marijuana and non khamr alcohol

Selamun aleykum,

I understand that according to Hanafi school, khamr is najis and haram to consume in every amount, whilst non-Khamr alcohol (not from grapes or dates) is still haram to consume in amounts which intoxicate or in a way which has the purpose of intoxication but not najis or haram to use in amounts which don’t intoxicate and without the reason of intoxication (i.e in food or drinks as preservant or by product). But does that mean that if non-khamr alcohol is used for intoxication from others and it for example spills on your clothes, it will be najis? Or if we go further, will the same apply for marijuana if used for intoxication? I ask because for example on a wedding of my non muslim family alcohol (beer and so on) was consumed and I was always fearfull on coming into contact with it if spilled. And also i have a non muslim friend who smoked marijuana on my balcony and some of it came through my window inside (I didnt like him doing it but didnt want to tell him what to do). Is everything which the smoke touched najis? Do I need to wash my prayer rugs which were in the room? Or is the smoke tahir? I am not sure, since it is not khamr (from grapes or dates) but was used from him as an intoxicant. Also he prepared it in my room. Is the marijuana itself najis?

Hanafi Fiqh

Foster relationships through breast feeding

Salam Mufti
If a woman wants to breastfeed a child for the purpose of making him foster brother of her children will it be permissible?
How many breastfeeds are required to make the child a foster son, and how much milk supply is required in each feed if more than one session of breastfeeding is to be conducted?

Hanafi Fiqh

Not performing salat and disbelief

Salam Mufti
I have been doing research on the topic of muslims who abandon salah do they qualify as muslims or not. Many prominent scholars like one salafi Shaykh Asim Al Hakeem say that muslims who refuse, seldom pray or do not pray at, all qualify as almost kafirs or even complete kafirs. For obvious reasons if such a muslim is declared a kafir since he does not pray salah, ulemas will also declare his nikah as invalid and children born in that relationship as illegitimate. Hence I have a few scenarios to discuss as below
1) If any person believes in islam and calls himself a muslim but has not prayed for few years will he qualify a muslim in those years when he did not pray salah at all?
2) If a muslim in a period of 1 year prayed occasionally like once in 2 months, though atleast seldom prayed in 1 year will he remain in islam or not?
3) If a muslim was having issues with certain rulings about islam like issue of tolerance towards non-muslims as a result was low in faith and did not wanted to pray until his questions are resolved, while this period lasted for 4 months in which he did not pray at all, will he qualify as a muslim in this brief period or not?
4) If a muslim couple though they believe in islam but pray very occasionally, what will be the status of their nikah and children, will they be legitimate or not?
I will await and request your reply.

Hanafi Fiqh

Indiscernible vaginal discharge and intercourse

I’m newly married for about 2 months. My wife had a vaginal discharge before bedtime and she was uncertain of its colour and hence, was unsure if her menses has begun. We engaged in intimacy with no penetration. However, our private parts had skin-to-skin contact at the area between the navel and knees. Am I sinful for this? What is the expiation for my error?

Hanafi Fiqh

Repentance of heretic

I have heard that there are two different opinions regarding the repentance of heretic. Some scholars are of view that his repentance is accepted in this world while others are of view that his repentance cannot be accepted. Which opinion is more correct and what are hanafi views about this issue?

Hanafi Fiqh

Breaking fast after cervical sweep

I had a baby in Ramadhaan. The doctors were concerned about baby’s growth so decided to induce me at 38 weeks. I only required a cervical sweep. I assumed that this procedure necessitated ghusl and that my fast was broken.
I broke my fast before sunset and simply kept qadhaa fast later.
Is this sufficient or do I have to do 60 continuous fasts as kaffarah?
Please note, this took place when Ramadhaan was in autumn and the fast was just over 12 hours.

Hanafi Fiqh

Salat and wudu as a police officer

Good Evening Team,

I have recently started a new job as a response Police Officer. The job role is to respond to 999 call incidents. So these are very serious cases such as potential suicide attempts, fire arms related incidents, missing people also social domestic issues and everything in between.

The problem I am having is keeping up with my salat times. For example I could get ready to do my salat and I have to leave before I start due to being called out and by the time I return I have missed ASR and MAGHRIB. This is just one example. I find I am consistently praying late or 2 prayers in one. What advice can you offer and can I stay in this job? I am responding to potential life or death situations so when I get called out it’s for very serious reasons.

Also is it possible to do wudu with boots on because its part of my safety kit and can I pray with boots on? They are leather and cover my ankles. Taking my boots off would slow me down in terms of response time to incidents.

Kind Regards