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How can one do Istigfar for committing kufr unknowingly?

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The other day, I was surfing the net and was at two Islamic websites (both of them were Islamic discussion forums). At one point, it seemed that everything (on the net) froze, i.e. whatever link I clicked on, it was taking an infinitely long time to upload/appear. I kept clicking and clicking, all in vain. Out of frustration, I used a swear word and re-started my computer. I was angry and I think I used the swear word more than once. What I am worried about is that perhaps (I am unsure of this) my anger was directed towards those Islamic websites (which contain all that Islamic content) for not uploading and taking an extremely long time (in fact, it was just not uploading). I am afraid that this might constitute kufr as it would be a serious disrespect towards those Islamic websites if my anger (and hence swearing) was directed towards those websites. Unfortunately, I really am not sure what my anger was directed towards (as you know, a person is hardly thinking when he/she is angry). Ever since I got my new computer, a lot of glitches have been occurring and perhaps my anger and swearing was directed towards the computer. Please note that I am fully aware that swearing is haraam in Islam and I regret doing this. I just got so frustrated at that moment and I’m a fool to have done so. But, I am scared that it may have been kufr (Allah forbid) since this scenario involves Islamic websites. I just don’t know what I was angry at and what/whom my swearing was directed towards. I am scared of giving myself the benefit of the doubt. I am frightened of kufr. Did I commit kufr?
Q2: This is an extremely important question too (but is more hypothetical in nature). What if a person commits kufr unknowingly, what will become of him on the Day of Judgment? Obviously, if a person commits kufr knowingly, at least he knows that he did it and can do tawbah (repentance) for his crime. But if he does kufr unknowingly, he won’t know that he committed this crime and so won’t do tawbah for a crime he thinks he did not commit. Will such a person be taken to task on the Day of Judgment and will he end up in Hell forever?

How can one do Istigfar for committing kufr unknowingly?
Even though on its own merit swearing is not a good thing, but whatever things you may have said in this incidence would not be attributed towards Islam. What you have said is not something which will make you a non believer. But what you have said is not correct; no matter if it was said in ignorance or with full knowledge of its repercussions; because any sinful action is still counted as a sin – no matter if it is done in ignorance or consciously. And both can be forgiven by doing taubah and asking for forgiveness. If it is known that a certain action is a sin yet it still committed, it will be counted as a sin. But if something is done while not knowing it is a sin, it will still be counted as a sin and he was still be responsible for asking for forgiveness and doing taubah. It is obligatory on all Muslims to find the Commandments of Allah in all situations; not knowing is not an excuse. Part of the punishment will be for not finding out the correct commandment.

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