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Mufti Sahab I want to know about the 12th Imam of shias
According to the concept of shi’as, from the progeny of ali (r.a.) all those righteous persons who were born one after the other are all imams, and amongst those they have specifically mentioned the twelve names. Their concept about these twelve imams is that they are flawless which is a concept specific only to the prophets. The reality is that all those people who are role models for us in our religion are considered to be our leaders and imams in the religious affairs.
There are people from the prophet’s family, from his great companions, and from other pious people who are considered imams. There are some imams amongst muhadditheen, fuqaha, and people of tasawwuf.
So, people of the right path are of the opinion that there are imams, the term, which can be applied to great honorable people in general term. However, to shi’as this term is especially assigned and denotes more specific meaning.
According to the people of the right path the meaning of the term “imam” is taken in the sense that a person is a leader such that we follow him, we trust upon his knowledge, we rely upon his fear of allah and piety, and that we don’t give him the status of a prophet nor do we consider him to be flawless.
Hence, the famous concept of twelve imams is incorrect and we should try to stay away from it.

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