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(a) When in a group there are some Ulamas & Mufti’s who are musafirs & some are not ulamas and they know sufficient knowledge about offering prayers & can lead prayers becoming Imam very well as an Alim or Mufti will do. Now my question is when the time has come to offer fardh prayers who has to become imam, remember Alims are musafirs & others are not musafirs.
(b) When one person has not done Alim course, will he be called as jahil. Please give the clear meaning of jahil.
(c) A person who by grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala performs the fardh salat with Takbeer-e-uula, now when he will go to any place beyond 48 miles now what he shoudl do to continue the fardh salat with Takbeer-e-uula, remeber he is alone, instances are there now a days that one has to travel alone.
Either of the two people could be imams, the one who is a traveler and a scholar or the one who is a resident and not a scholar. For leading prayers, it’s not necessary, that someone who is most qualified for it should conduct it. If people have a dispute over praying behind a person then this issue is raised as to who is most eligible and entitled to lead amongst the contending parties. But despite the eligibility and entitlement, if someone with less qualifications leads and everyone is fine with that then there is no problem in a situation like this. Based on this, if the traveler-scholar leads or the local-resident who is not a scholar leads either way the imamat would be fine.

B.) The one who is not familiar with religion is called ‘ignorant’ and the one who knows about his/her religion is not considered ‘ignorant’. However, the term ‘alim’ is applied to individuals with a certain quantity of knowledge. Hence, usually those people are called scholars who have graduated from some religious institution.

C.) If a person is in a place all by himself and there is no one around him then he would give adhan and iqamat and perform his prayer, and his prayers performed in this state are considered prayers with takbeer ula.

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