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Salah and Cleanliness

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by ShariahBoard.org

Asalamalaikum Sheikh,

I’m a shafai imam follower. My Questions are
1) I have urine leakage problem  and sometime i also notice sticky liquid on my underwear(madhiy i believe) , i read somewhere that for urine leakage just after taharat i can put a handful of water on my underwear so if urine comes out it will get dissolve in water. And, for madhiy just wash the part where it comes out and wash private parts and making wadu is fine. So my Question is most of the time i’m aware or unaware while offering namaz i get feeling like there is a urine leakage or madhiy comes out, and after namaz when i check it sometimes its true and sometimes false, and sometimes i feels like it comes out just after namaz and before i check it, so my namaz is valid if urine/madhiy comes out  during the namaz without my awareness or not
2) Because of the above problem, i read somewhere that i have to make fresh wadu for every farz namaz, but what if i’m offering the farz namaz as Qada(Qaza), like if i’m offering zohar and fajr namaz as qaza after asr namaz or when asr namaz time is started but beforing praying asr? like if asr namaz time started and i have fajr and Zohr Qaza, so after praying fajr qaza i have to make wadu then after zohar qaza wadu again ,have to make wadu again for asar namaz and do the asr namaz?
3)What if i recite tasbeeh 2/4/6 times in sajda e sahw. Do i need to do sajda e sahw ?
4) I offer 3 rakhth of Witr in two parts 2 rakths and 1 rakth, if i made a mistake in first two rakhths shall i make sahw after the salam of first two rakth or at the salam of 3rd rakth?
5) I have attached bathroom(washbasin(Sink), Bathtub and washroom) in a single door, can I make wadu inside and recite dua?
    While entering the bathroom even to use the washroom do I have to recite dua of entering bathroom?
6)Do we have to make sahw if we didn’t stretch words enough of Quran aayath like (Khul Yaaaa) or didn’t pronounce sounds correctly how its suppose to be/ slight difference?
7) Can I use the perfume/Deo/Deo stick which has Alcohol Denat. or Perfume return in ingredients?Can you advice some Deo please

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

  1. Until and unless there is a firm belief that the drops of urine or madhi have excreted, salah will not become invalidated. Due to mere suspicion salah will not become invalidated.
  2. It is correct to do so.
  3. No, a Sajda-Sehw is not required for this situation.
  4. Sajda-Sehw should be performed in the section in which the mistake was made.
  5. The dua should be recited in the area where you are making wudhu or you should recite it in your heart. The dua for entering the toilet should be read before you enter the toilet and the dua for leaving from there should be read at the time when you have left the toilet.
  6. No, a Sajda-Sehw is not required for this situation.
  7. Products containing alcohol shall not be used.
  8. If the nature of the alcohol as a compound has been absolutely denatured then there is gunjaish(i.e. a provision for permissibility) for its use.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب

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