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I have a question regarding saying salah and fasting while going thru menopause.  i have very unusual bleeding and irregular periods since I started having menopause.  One month I would get my period, but the other month it would skip.  The month that I get my period, it lasts from 7 to 10 days.  Also even though my period skip any month but I would have still some spotting (very light bleeding).  I only see the blood when I use the bathroom, may be once during whole day . Sometimes I would see the blood everyday, somtimes every other day.  There is no set pattern.  I aked my Gynecologist and she said its normal to have unsual bleeding during menopause.  However, I am very concerned about my proyers and fasts.  I dont know whatever days I have fastted, if my fasts were valid.  Since the bleeding is unpredictable so  I dont know when should I be praying  and if my salahs are valid or not? It is very depressing.  Please let me know the rulings for salahs and fasts for women who are going thru menopause.  Please reply back as soon as possible.



الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

If you have bleeding one month and not in the next then the ruling is that when you have the period then you will be menstrual and as you have an established habit, therefore, you will be impure for those many days and will be excused from praying the Salat in those days.

If you have bleeding in Ramadaan then you will need to make up for fasting for as many days you will have bleeding. The number of days you will have no bleeding you will be pure and will need to fast and pray Salat during those days.

The above-mentioned ruling is when you are having bleeding one month and the other month you have no bleeding. But it is determined from your question that the month you have no bleeding in that month too you have spotting. Therefore, if you see blood in second month too then if it is during the habitual days then those days would also be counted in the monthly period. You will be excused from Salat, however, if it is Ramadaan then you will need to make up fasting for those many days. If the bleeding in the second month is not according to the habitual schedule then send in the details about it to find the ruling.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب

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