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Her Heart Became Attached to him after Continuous Conversations

I knew a girl and kept talking to her for months in good faith. We got attached to each other, so I told her that I will propose to her. I sent my family to hers but things didn`t work out. At that point, we stopped talking to each other for good. I told her that we can`t keep in touch so long as we aren`t formally engaged. However, she says that she is so attached to me that she can`t let go and it will take her a great deal of time to forget me and accept the reality of the matter. I blame myself for this. I shouldn`t have talked to her for that long or promised her anything. I don`t know what to do to clear my conscience. Allah is my witness that I talked to her only for the purpose of marrying her. What is the best course of action from your point of view?

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