The Prayer of Greeting the masjid in its disliked time

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Is one recommended to pray tahiyatul-masjid before the Maghrib prayer or should it be avoided because it falls in the time after asr?

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From a previous question answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani:

It is also disliked to pray any nafl prayers:

After Fajr time comes in, except the 2 rakats of the sunna of Fajr,
After praying the fard of Fajr,
After praying the fard of Asr,
After Maghrib time enters, until one has prayed the fard,
After the khutba has commenced for the Friday prayer (or effectively, if the khatib has risen on the minbar).

In these times, if one enters the masjid, one simply sits down, and does not pray the 2 rakats of greeting the mosque. (One should intend it with the next prayer one performs, though.)


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