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Can Muslim families name their child non-Arabic names with positive meanings?

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Is it permissible for a Muslim family to name their child a name which does not derive from arabic but has a positive meaning, such as the name Fiza means Fresh air but originates from urdu. Is it also permisible for a muslim family to name their child Reman or Rahim. I have also heard that name a child Yaseen or Taha is makroon. Is that true?


There are three parts to your questions:

1. To name a child with a non Arabic name, which has a good meaning.
2. To name a child Rehman or Rahim
3. Whether to keep the names Yasin and Taha is makrooh

1) Yes, is it permissible to name a child with a non Arabic which has a good meaning such as Fiza. It should also be reserved in mind that the meaning not only has to be good but it should not conflict with the Islamic doctrine.

When the Noble Sahaabah came into the fold of Islam many of them had names which were from different languages other than Arabic. As long as the name did not have a non Islamic meaning which was against Islamic beliefs, Rasulullah Sallahu Alaihe Sallan did not change their names.

Although some names may have an Islamic meaning to them or they are not against our beliefs it is better and highly recommended that a Muslim parent does not keep a Jewish, Christian or any other name which is linked to another religion. Such as David, John, Nataraja etc, I personally believe that the identity of the child will become vague and even lost as he or she grows up. Hence, I would strongly recommend not doing this.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Taalaa has said in the Glorious Quran. ?Call not your people, nor call them names. Indeed it is to earn an evil reputation after having believed?. (Suran Al Hujarat, Ayah 11)

The name which the child is given is important because it is by that name and the name of the father by which the child will be called by on the Day of Judgment. If the child has a beautiful name then everyone in creation will hear it including the messengers of Allah.

“On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and your fathers names, so make your names good.” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud)

2 ) It is not permissible to name any child Rehman or Rahim. Yes if there is a prefix such as Abdul before such a name then it would be permissible. Eg Abdul Rehman or Abdul Rahim etc. Rehman and Rahim are the names of Allah alone. (Fiqhi Akbar)

“It is a pity that Muslims in general are having a number of wrong practices with regard to naming their children and calling them by proper names. [Ma’aariful Qur’aan Vol. 4 pg. 132]

3) It is not makrooh to name a child Yasin or Taha. Both are mentioned in the Quran and both are from the words known as Huruf-e-mukat-ta-aat. Yasin and Taha are both titles of Rasulullah Sallahu Alaihi Wasslam. (Ibn Kathir)

The only difference is that when the word Yasin is written for a persons name then it will be written with the Hamzah (Alif) after the first letter Yaa. When written as part of the Quranic text it will not be written with the Hamza.

Muslim names that become familiar and widespred within a society will definitely leave a positive impression in the area, Inshallah.

And Allah Ta’aala knows best

Abubakr Karolia
Batley U.K
July 22, 2005

Mufti Abubakr Karolia
Batley, U.K
Founder of the “Islamic Foundation for Theology and Research” (I.F.T.A.R)

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