Abu Dawud

Hanafi Fiqh

Is Niqab Established in Islamic Law or is it Merely a Cultural Practice?



I have recently started wearing hijab, however, i am now being
introduced to many different forms of it. Personally, I wear loose
fitting and covering clothing, with a scarf wrapped around my head, so
as only my hands and face are showing. However, I have been told by
some that the niqab/face veil is the right way to cover oneself. Then
others will tell me that the niqab is cultural and not a religious
obligation. I would like to know what the quran/sunnah say about this
issue. And was also curious as to how the Prophet’s (sws) wives wore
their hijab. I have been told Aisha (r.a.) did not cover her face and
simply wore a hooded cloak, is this true?

Jazak Allah Khayr